(Announcement – August 19, 2015)

We are going to stop this sham meeting of pillage, to be a monkey wrench in this disgraceful plan of the plunderers!

Irregularities and unlawfulness is rampant in the 3rd airport project, which is the biggest plunder project in this country, and among the biggest in the world! Those who have lost their conscience and concept of justice, and who have joined forces in the pillage of the 3rd airport project, now have announced an illicit meeting, supposedly to “inform the public” about the project, in Arnavutköy Durusu Cultural Center at 14.00 on 20 August 2015. Normally, the Environmental Impact Assessment process requires that this meeting be organized to ask the opinion of the public ‘before’ the project starts. But this Environmental Impact Assessment meeting is being organized nearly 2.5 years after the project tender, 1+ year after the foundation is laid and 3.5 months after the construction site delivery has been done! Despite our knowledge, we still ask: what is your purpose in organizing this counteirfeit meeting? Why is this meeting not announced on the web sites of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization? What are you trying to hide? What are you afraid of? Normally, Environmental Impact Assessment meetings have to be announced quite a time before on the web site of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. The fact that there has been no announcement, and the meeting notification has been delivered to the villagers only 3 days before the meeting, shows that this is definitely not a normal Environmental Impact Assessment meeting. This meeting is clearly a PR effort, organized by İGA, the contractor of the 3rd airport consortium. It is the second step of their self-promotion campaign that begun with newspaper articles and TV programs.


Istanbul is the city of the inhabitants whom you seize all their possessions, destroy their farm lands, drive their fertile soil into the sea, drain their lakes; and try to poison their beliefs with false fast-breaking meals. Istanbul is the city of the workers that you slaughter and try to silence with bonuses. İstanbul is the city of the animals that you drive away from their homes and kill in your unrivalled ecocide. This İstanbul will not submit to you. All the lies you tell will be unsuccessful, all your attempts at deluding the people will fail. Life will prevail, we will prevail.


Even if you continue to destroy the lives of all living beings, even your children will be on our side. When your pillage and plunder ends, you will see that the ones who defend ‘The Breath of İstanbul’ will heal the wounds you inflicted on nature and restore justice.


We are calling all defenders of life to meet in front of the Arnavutköy Durusu Cultural Center on  20 August 2015, Thursday.


We are going to stop this sham meeting of pillage, to be a monkey wrench in this disgraceful plan of the plunderers!

Northern Forests Defence & Istanbul Urban Defence


Meeting point:

Durusu Kültür Merkezi (Durusu Cultural Center); Durusu Neighborhood, Terkos Karaburun Road No : 62, Arnavutköy


Meeting place and time:

20 August Thursday, 13:00


Bus departure places and times:

Besides the Democracy Monument – Beşiktaş: 11:00

Kadıköy Marriage Office –  Kadıköy: 11:00

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