(Northern Forests Defense, December 26, 2015)
We, Northern Forests Defense, stand in solidarity with Plane Stupid activists who will appear in court on 18 January 2016 due to their blockage of Heathrow airport tunnel on 26 November 2015. Their tunnel blockage disrupted the functioning of Heathrow airport for 3.5 hours and together with more conventional organizing of other groups, the extension of Airport was delayed for 6 months by the announcement of the government. Now they are facing charges of disruption and appeared in court on the 23 of December and will appear again on 18 January 2016. They, together with other environmentalist groups, oppose the building of a new runway in Heathrow Airport as it will grow air transport, a grave concern for all environmentalists due to its high carbon emission. Their struggle is similar to our struggle against the construction of Istanbul Third Airport which will not only increase the carbon emissions of Turkey but also devastate the last remaining forest and water reservoir in the northern region of Istanbul. We, Northern Forests Defense, also pledge that we will actively protest any possible charges that the activists face in an expression of solidarity with the activists of Plane Stupid.

December 26, 2015
Northern Forests Defense

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