(BİA – 5 Haziran 2016)

Northern Forests Defense has protested the environment policies the state and the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs with the banner reading “Faili Veysel”.

Northern Forests Defense (KOS) rallied in the Fatih Forest on June 5 World Environment Day in Fatih Forest; protested the environment policies the state and Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs, Veysel Eroğlu with the banner reading “Faili Veysel” (Perpetrator Veysel).

IMG_2245KOS activists gathered at quarry of the Akdağlar Madencilik (Akdağlar Mining) whose capacity is being constantly increased, and that is used to provide resource for the mega projects such as 3rd airport, 3rd bridge and other projects destroying the green fields.

The statement issued noted that the quarries are the unseen face of the environmental slaughter and added that another quarry wanted to be built in Ağaçlı village which is one of the villages in the Northers Forests.

The activists expressing that the KOS has commenced the legal struggle has been commenced by filing a complaint against this project, announced that they will stage protest in Ağaçlı village on June 11.