(NFD – October 3, 2016)

Our solidarity message to defenders of life all around the world for “Stay Grounded” Global Action Week against climate change due to aviation and airport projects:

Greetings from Istanbul / Turkey to those of you who are resisting against the airport projects and climate change!

We are Northern Forests Defence, an activist initative who commits itself to the protection of the ecologically interconnected and diverse forestry region extending from Sapanca to Strandzha Mountains. This ancient forest that has stood for centuries is currently under the threats of eco-cide projects, so called mega projects including the 3rd airport in Istanbul, a nuclear power plant, several coal power plants, quarries and mines.

We are well aware that we are not the only ones struggling against the alliance between corrupt politicians and greedy companies. Our anger toward this notorious alliance is everywhere!

We do know that our world under the epoch of neoliberalism is filled with despair. Yet, all around the world, people are raising their voices to show another world is possible. Hope is everywhere!

We learn from our struggle that when anger and hope come together it flourishes into the beauty of resistance. From Vienna to Istanbul, Dakota to Nantes, London to India, Mexico to Indonesia resistance is everywhere!

We as the Northern Forests Defence, are sending our solidarity to dreamers of another world, keepers of other stories all around the world!

And we are warning those who dare to pillage nature: Defenders of life are closing ranks against the never ending greed of capital everywhere. Throughout the Global Action Week, activists will be rising up against one of the playgrounds of capital: airport projects and the airport industry in Mexico, Austria, Canada, France and UK, as well as other countries and this will be just the beginning. Airport projects which are destroying rural areas and forests, and making cities inhabitable do not only consume resources necessary for life; with their considerable greenhouse gas emissions, but they are also among the biggest perpetrators of climate change.

For our future, for the future of all living creatures and nature, today the cry of “Enough!” that rises from the Northern Forests of Istanbul against the 3rd airport and the domination of greedy capital, resounds as “Ya basta!” in Mexico. This call is adding to the strength of ZAD, who have been resisting the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport in France for many years. It reaches to you, defenders of life all around the world resisting against airport expansion!

We stand together with defenders of life everywhere, who are organising to enable a different world against the attacks of capital, and we will continue to fight together!

Stay grounded!

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