(11 May 2017)

Our beloved friends, Ali Ulvi and Aysin Büyüknohutçu, defenders of life who led the struggle against the marble quarries in Antalya, were brutally murdered last night at their home at Kızılcık Yaylası, Finike. First and foremost to their family, we would like to offer our condolences to all their loved ones and everyone who in the darkness of this country persists in the struggle for a better future.

Although a motive for this heinous murder has not been clarified yet, the suspicions related to the recent fire close to their home, and the arrested suspect’s police statement seem to point in the same direction.

We are following developments with defenders of life across the country, and we remain in contact with our friends in the area.

Our Loss Is Great, Our Pain Is Indescribable…

Northern Forests Defence

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