(NFD – May 31, 2017)

It’s the 4th anniversary of the great Gezi Resistance. #OccupyGezi started as a right to the city movement and quickly transformed into the largest uprising in the history of Turkey. Though current darkness in Turkey is disheartining many people, Gezi is still standing there as a beacon of hope for millions of people in Turkey.

Since Gezi, we lost many dear friends who had been struggling against the top-down AKP rule. As the child of Gezi Uprising, this year NFD commemorates our friends and comrades with the following short statement. We will never forget them…

Saplings and sycamore trees

ali ulvi büyüknohutçu - gezi

Photo: Defender of life, Ali Ulvi Büyüknohutçu, who was murdered with his wife Aysin Büyüknohutçu in Antalya / Finike on 10 May 2017, visiting, in the summer of 2013, the memorial prepared for the friends we lost during the Gezi Resistance See also: We are in Mourning 

The story goes that the cedar trees of Gezi Park and Antalya / Finike’s unique cedar forests are family. They stood, shoulder to shoulder, against the darkness that brought an Age of Pillage upon ancient Anatolia, from the Northern Forests to Arhavi in Blacksea, and from the Hewsel Gardens of Diyarbakır to Efemçukuru in Aegean region; and together they emerged victorious from their struggle.

Many young saplings withered away as they defended their parks, trees, forests, and life itself against this sinister darkness, and we lost many great sycamore trees…

Yet the determination, wisdom, anger and love of those young saplings, and great sycamore trees cast their light upon the path of those who continued the struggle.

And that light, became a voice, a breath, and a hope for those who stood against the rampant darkness. A new life, hand-in-hand, came into leaf from that hope…