(Bianet – March 23, 2018)

Northern Forests Defense has announced that execution of the plan to zone Fatih Forest for construction has been halted, and called on the Ministry of Forestry to remove the fences in the Fatih Forest.

The Ministry of Forest has been called on to cancel its decision of natural park, to remove fences in the Fatih Forest and demolish all housings in the forest, given the court’s ruling.

“Fath Forest is a forest, not a ‘park’”

In its statement, the Northern Forests Defense briefly said:

“We’ve come to a new stage thanks to a new legal acquisition in our struggle against Doğuş and Bilgili Holding, which plans to build villas, markets, a stadium of 50 thousand people, closed sports halls and parking lots inside the forest under the name of ‘Parkorman’ (Parkforest).

“With court’s verdict, Serdar Bilgili and Ferit Şahenk are left without legal basis to turn Fatih Forest into an amusement park.

“Fatih Forest is the south of Belgrad Forest and it’s a forest, not a ‘park’. The Northern Forests Defense will never leave the hand of squirrels, foxes, wild boars and other thousands of beautiful living creatures. We’ve won the fight of Fatih Forest and we will continue to fight together”.